Why Captex Property Management?

Captex Large Property (1) Franchise in House Realtor acting like Property
Features: Properties Management Company Property Manager (2) Manager as Hobby (3)
Transition to Selling Home YES YES YES YES
Owner ACH Payments YES YES YES NO
Dedicated Portfolio Managers YES YES YES NO
Full Time Staffing YES YES YES NO
Established Office YES YES YES NO
Tenant Online Payments YES YES YES NO
Property Code Compliance YES YES YES NO
In House Maintenance YES YES NO NO
Home Cleaning Services YES YES NO NO
OnLine Form Signing YES YES NO NO
Third Party Inspections YES YES NO NO
Preferred Vendor Program YES YES NO NO
Tenant 24 Hour Drop Slot YES YES NO NO
Year End Electronic Statements YES YES NO NO
Electronic 1099 Delivery YES YES NO NO
Dedicated Website YES YES NO NO
Attorney Representation YES YES NO NO
Security Deposit Itemization System YES YES NO NO
Tenant Dispute Mediation YES YES NO NO
Handle Evicting Tenants YES YES NO NO
24 Hour Emergency Maintenance YES YES NO NO
Experts in Rental Home Purchase YES YES NO NO
Professional Photography & Video YES NO NO NO
Multiple Pricing Plans YES NO NO NO
Tenant Liability Insurance YES NO NO NO
Video Marketing & Walk Thrus YES NO NO NO
Single Owner Point of Contact YES NO NO NO
ACH Funds Between 15th - 20th YES NO NO NO
Full Disclosure Website YES NO NO NO
Custom Owner Portal YES NO NO NO
Eviction Assurance YES NO NO NO
Rent Protection YES NO NO NO
Damage Assurance YES NO NO NO
Tenant Renewal Focused YES NO NO NO
Annual Pet Inspections YES NO NO NO

(1) Large Property Management Company Example in Austin
(2) Franchise Based Real Estate Company Conducting Property Management to Hold Listings FOR SALE
(3) Licensed Realtor Conducting Property Management Business Small Scale to Hold Listings FOR SALE

Finding the Best Residents

The most important component of maintaining your property is properly screening the people who will be living in it every day. Our goal is to find the best residents who will treat your property like it is their own, so we take our screening process seriously. Each potential resident is thoroughly vetted, from a lease and eviction history to a credit report and a criminal background check.

We know our residents, and we verify their employment and income and guide them through an orientation process before they move a single box into your property. If you are open to residents with pets, we get to know them too, keeping a recent veterinary records on file.

When we are satisfied that the resident is able and willing to meet our expectations, we use the most current rental lease agreement and lease documents from the Texas Association of Realtors, along with our own proprietary addenda.

When residents reach out, we respond. Whether residents call or use our online request form, our experienced maintenance crew is ready to initiate a response within 24 business hours. As always, emergencies are met with an immediate response.

To ensure our residents are satisfied, we follow up on maintenance requests with a short survey and keep tabs on our overall performance in our annual review of services with residents.

***Positive Resident Quote Here with picture of happy, smiling people outside a house***
"When our air conditioning went out, it was the middle of a Texan heat-wave. We have young kids at home, and we would almost certainly have had to take them out of town to a relative’s house if it weren’t for the quick response we got from Captex. I used the online form, and had a call from Scott within a few hours. There was someone out to fix it before I had to put the kids to bed the next day."

This is part of our commitment to finding the best residents for your property who will renew their leases year after year. Industry-wide, the number one reason cited by tenants who move is that their maintenance calls were not attended to in a timely manner or were not completed properly. It is better to replace a $300 appliance and renew a tenant’s lease than to lose a month or more of rent because an unsatisfied resident vacated at the end of a lease. Quick response time means more satisfied residents, longer leases, and less overall expense for property owners.

Keeping You Informed

Captex is always available to you. If you call or email and we cannot respond immediately, you will hear from us within 24 hours during the business week. And when we need to communicate information to you – especially about an upcoming vacancy or the signing of a new lease – we will make sure you know what we know as soon as we know it.

In Austin’s thriving rental market, we make quick work of listing our properties to ensure the best responses. If the property is listed longer than 2 weeks, we will provide a bi-weekly email to let you know what we have been doing to find the right residents.

Every month, you can expect a detailed statement from Captex, including invoices for all repairs, a thorough breakdown of all transactions related to your property in the form of an income and expense statement. Access all this information online and via email.