Purchase Program

As a licensed real estate broker in the state of Texas, Captex Property Management can help you find the right property. We are happy to work with you on homes and investment properties.

If you are currently leasing a home managed by Captex Property Management, Captex will provide you a credit towards the closing costs on the purchase of your home. You can get up to a $2,500 allowance if you use one of our buyer’s agents to assist you in purchasing your home.

Sales Price Captex Paid Closing Costs
0 – $150,000 $500
$150,001 – $200,000 $750
$200,001 – $250,000 $1,000
$250,001-$300,000 $1,250
$300,001-$350,000 $1,500
$350,001-$400,000 $1,750
$400,001-$450,000 $2,000
$450,001-$500,000 $2,500

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