The Captex Guarantee

Captex is your trusted partner in property management. We put that promise into action with our unique Captex Guarantee.

Filled in 30

We will find the right residents to fill your property within 30 days. If we fail, your first two months of management fees are on us.

Trial Period

Work with us for 90 days. We will impress you enough in that period to ensure that you have total confidence in our performance. If not, you can cancel your management agreement and incur no costs to stop or swap management.

Resident Vetting

Captex thoroughly vets all residents. This includes a full credit report, criminal background check, lease and eviction history, employment and income verification, and for accepted qualified candidates, a new resident orientation.

Lease Protection

We know we are bringing you the best residents possible, so the Captex Owner Guarantee also includes a protection for you against a resident who breaks a lease during the first year. We will fill that property and charge you nothing. Special resident exceptions exist for the good people serving in our military.

Pet Lovers

Not everyone wants to allow pets in their property, but if you are open to man’s best-friend and others from the animal kingdom, Captex will protect your property from up to $1,000 of pet damage that is not covered by the regular security deposit. Optional Additional Pet Damage Protection is available up to $5,000 of pet damage. Ask about the details!

Inquire About Our Services

Eviction Protection

With the cost of an eviction at an extremely high rate, Captex Property Management has a solution to further protect unexpected costs incurred in removing a tenant from a home.

With EVICTION ASSURANCE – Captex Property Management will cover ALL of the above costs incurred from an eviction on your behalf. For an affordable fee, owners can assure they will not be hit with an unexpected cost of $2,500 or more!

Rent Protection

If an eviction becomes necessary at your property, and the tenant refuses to leave the home after a late notice, and court order for an eviction hearing have been served – Captex Property Management offers a program that will guarantee a continued 30 days of income to the owner. Given that most evictions take around 30 - 45 days, this will further prevent unforeseen losses to an owner should an eviction be necessary. Every effort will be made to mitigate losses by working with a good tenant – but this program will ensure owners will receive One Month’s worth of rental compensation while a tenant is being removed.

WITH RENT ASSURANCE – Owner is reimbursed a full month’s rent in lost rental income

Damage Protection

One of the biggest fears of all rental property owners is renting to a tenant that will cause significant damage to their property, costing them thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs. Many of our owners have expressed concern over the horror stories they hear about tenants destroying homes they rent. This is a real possibility and we have addressed this issue by offering our owners Damage Assurance to cover these potential unexpected repair costs caused by an outgoing tenant that exceed their security deposit.

Captex Property Management will cover the expenses to complete these repairs that total more than the security deposits in order to bring the home back to a rentable condition.

With DAMAGE ASSURANCE – For an affordable fee Captex Property Management will cover ALL of the above costs for damages caused by a tenant considered to be above normal wear and tear, and that exceeds the received security deposit.